About Me

Hannah Ross Wood | Copy Writing & Website Creation

Trained in writing and media analysis at one of America's top schools for journalism and mass communication, I graduated university in May 2016. I've spent the three years since travelling and working within the digital marketing world for a wide range of creative businesses. From blog/newsletter writing and social media marketing to building Shopify sites and implementing SEO techniques, I've breached the gap between creative and technical (just don't ask me to design your logo). 

When you hire someone to write for you and contribute to how your business is communicating with the world, you should hire the person who isn't just skilled, but passionate about writing and copy editing. You know, that person who corrects you if you use "your" instead of "you're" in a friendly text? The one whose favourite word is about 18 letters long? You might not want to date them, but you should definitely hire them.

Hi, that's me. And I promise to deliver fresh, polished content that sets your creative business apart from the rest.

Beyond writing, I build Shopify websites for small businesses who need a little help with the digital side of things. In this social media age, I recognise the relevance of a trustworthy digital presence, and will combine this with my insight into what builds a brand in order to jumpstart your creative project. If you give me hi-res images, a description of your business and a rough idea of what you want, I can give you a sparkly new website. It will be fully search engine optimised, professionally written, and mobile responsive. Sound good? Let's have a chat.